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It is very cold outside.
I ordered a Diva Cup!
I believe that pacifism is a trap that endorses larger instances of institutional violence.

And I am making a clean break. I am tired of being unhappy because of other people.
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and I'm too goddamn far from home

Well, Gray now has a hole in her lip (and is able to eat all of the vegan ice cream that she wants).

People Who Are Happy About This

People Who Are Definitely Not Happy About This
my father (projection for the obvious reasons)
my mother (projection because I "won't be able to get a job," which is probably true)

How do YOU feel about this?

Oh, and according to my iTunes, the best songs come up when I type in 'fire':
"Fire and Stone" - Evan Greer
"Friendly Fire" - Jawbreaker
"Man on Fire" - Good Luck
"Fireman" - Jawbreaker (which I just realized has the optimal amount of self-deprecation and apology, and I want to marry Blake)
"Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)" - the Arcade Fire

Good times, music, good times.
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I want a partner. A non-drinking, non-smoking, cunt-lovin' (and I mean really), porn-hating, REASONABLE, compassionate, intelligent, motivated, animal-loving, emotionally-available, kind, realistic, self-respecting, romantic, radical, ambitious (in whatever capacity), affectionate, hard-working, reliable, government-hating, gardening, non-misogynistic, common-sensible, receptive, creative, well-intentioned, loyal, patient, sentimental, loving, HONEST, intellectual, vaguely self-critical (or at least incredibly self-reflective), understanding, benevolent partner who listens to what I say, loves me for who I am and what I want to be, and never, ever makes me feel shortchanged or crazy or stupid for how I act and what I believe.

Don't I deserve this? I mean, I don't need to be with someone, but I really, really want to, and I don't think that that makes me needy or demanding or any less of a whole person.

Also, all of this would be ideal, which is near impossible. Lack of some of those attributes are deal-breakers, some are not.

There's a really awesome cat who has been hanging around my dorm lately. Last night I was on the phone at 1:30, and he just came up to me and got in my lap and fell asleep, and it was the best therapy anyone could ever ask for.
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I don't really care what happens with this election, but it is nice to see the Democrats kicking ass in North Carolina. I'm not excited because it'll supposedly signal great new changes or anything, it's just more of a stick-it-to-Jesse-Helms thing. WHO'S BLUE AGAIN, MOTHERFUCKER?

Actually, I may need to delete this post in about an hour, unless they count WWC's votes soon.

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Even if Obama spearheads some legislation to close the School of the Americas, that does not mean that the U.S. is going to stop funding and backing dictators and institutional murderers if it is in its economic interest!

fdjigofhigfohigdhigfd I'm so fucking sick of this election and everyone who thinks that Obama is going to save the world.
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